Your Extra Innings

           It’s been 2 months since I launched this blog and it’s been an adventure, a good one. I’ve learned a lot about blogging, writing, and thanks to feedback from you, a lot about your concerns about retiring. It’s for that reason I would like to reintroduce Your Extra Innings – Delay Your Retirement On Your Terms.

I created Your Extra Innings in the hope of being a guide for people who want to, or have to delay their retirement. Over the last 5 years, I’ve studied all experts I could find about this time in our lives and found that there was something missing.

There are a few really good books about delaying your retirement or creating an encore career, but they tend to focus on people who have the financial resources to enact significant career changes. They include stories about a lawyer who wants to do pottery, a CEO who started a vineyard, and a pilot who became a high school math teacher. These stories are all about people who can afford to not earn any income for a while as they take the time to get certified to teach, build their business, or grow their grapes.

My aim is to help those who want to delay their retirement but make that shift seamlessly, without an gap in income. We want to transition into an alternative retirement that allows us to maintain the benefits of working without the commitment to a full-time job. 

Your Extra Innings

Why “Your Extra Innings”?

The First Three Innings

Look at your life as a baseball game. In the first three innings, you are born, learn to walk and talk and hopefully graduate out of diapers. You move on to school, sports, dance etc. Through this process you train for a trade, employable skill or go thru college. The 3rd inning ends with you walking through the door into adult life and starting a full-time career.

Innings Four, Five and Six

In innings four through six, the process is you get your first fulltime pay check which leads to your first new car and it’s payments, your first serious relationship and it’s payments, then you buy a house and it’s payments and eventually you may have kids and their payments. You begin the process of building family; get a bigger house and a nicer car as your career advances. You become tied to the rat race and all the “keeping up with the Jones stuff”.

Innings Seven, Eight and Nine

Now comes innings seven, eight and nine. Your kids go through their first 3 innings and then, hopefully, out of the house. Your career is taking routine steps up with more responsibility and pressure, and the same goes with your spouse.   You go through mid-life and menopause and start thinking about You for the first time in thirty years. “What’s it all about?”  You start thinking about your later years. The problem is you are still paying the mortgage, the car payments, and your kid’s college, so for the time being you are coasting along the mid-life freeway which doesn’t appear to have any off ramps.

The ninth inning brings a glimmering light in the distance, and it’s called your retirement years. While this has been a mystical world that you heard tales about, it is starting to come into view. Is it real? Do I want it to be real? Will I really be able to retire?


Your Extra Innings

You thought about that new recliner and universal remote control. But you realize that delaying your retirement is becoming a real possibility. You may have to work to live how you want. You may want to work to have the life you enjoy. But it’s the bottom of the ninth and it’s time to plan Your Extra Innings. What are your options? If you are going to work, how much do you need to earn to meet your goals? There is a lot to consider and I’ll be getting into it with upcoming posts.

In my next posts I’ll start getting into the reasons why people will delay their retirement by getting into some of the positive reasons and the not so positive reasons. I appreciate all the comments and questions I receive so please keep them coming here:

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