About Your Extra Innings

Welcome to Your Extra Innings.

I created this Your Extra Innings to share what I’ve learned over the last few years as I approached the end of my career. I stepped away from normal employment, reinvented work, and delayed my retirement on my terms.

My Story

My career in the construction industry included roles as estimator, project manager, operations manager and president of a couple turnaround adventures. During this time I also served on the boards of industry groups and non-profit organizations. After years of traveling to assignments in Washington DC, Boston, Albany, and many other stops in between I decided it was time to reflect on how I wanted to spend the later stage of my career.

As I went through my career, I drifted further away from what I really liked doing. I climbed the ladder gaining power, influence and money, but in roles that I wasn’t truly happy in. Looking back, I realized what made me really happy was working on projects, getting mud on my boots and working with the trades helping to build buildings. With the help of friends in the industry I am now a freelance project manager working on a project by project basis. Over the last 5 years I’ve averaged 7 months of full or part-time work a year. The best part, I was doing what I loved.

Our Story

Somewhere between 18 and 22, most people pick a career path they are supposed to travel along for the next 40 plus years. Maybe it’s the right path, or maybe it’s not. But after car loans, marriage, a house, and kids, there is seldom any opportunity to make a change. People feel trapped and endure a career that provides a pay check but not the satisfaction they felt early on. There is a desire to make a change, to rekindle the fire they felt before. They may know what they want but don’t see a path to get there.

Where Do We Go From Here?

That’s where I can help. Through my first-hand experience in successfully delaying my retirement on my terms, talking with other on a similar path, and studying the experts in the field, I can provide insights on how you can take control of Your Extra Innings. 

I will provide weekly posts designed to provide information and tools to help you navigate this part of your career. I will also steer you to helpful resources.